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Once you have recorded your message boxes via the telephone, you will need to log into your web account and assign the correct message box to the correct extension. The Log in URl is http://members.phonefusion.com/
When you type in a forwarding number, make sure that you type the phone number without any dashes or spaces - just the 10 digit number. Also, be sure you have selected the proper ACTION. If you are sending callers to a PhoneFusion One number the ACTION sh...
Once an account is closed, the same number cannot be reused for 3 months.
We can request searches for specific numbers but there is a small charge for doing so.
Yes, you can program your extensions to transfer calls directly to one of your existing lines with another carrier, however, this will incur a charge of .035 per minute AND you will loose the features of PhoneFusion. If you do not answer the callers will ...
Log in to your account at http://members.phonefusion.com Click on MANAGE ACCOUNT. Then click on VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST. Then click "Add" to add a new Virtual Attendant selection.
We offer service to most area codes. Check our list on https://one.phonefusion.com/usnumbers.php. If you do not see your area listed please contact Customer Support at 1-888-208-7801 to see if we can obtain a number for you!
You can have 9999 extensions for your Virtual Receptionist .
PhoneFusion can support hundreds of incoming calls on a single number through our Virtual Receptionist with a Toll-Free Number ONLY. You can have extended message length for those calling in. Below you will find a breakdown in price: $24.95 for Virtual...
Yes. With our Virtual Receptionist, now you can publish one toll free and/or local number and have your callers choose from a menu of options, allowing them to reach any of your employees at any of your actual or virtual locations.
With the Virtual Receptionist, PhoneFusion gives your callers an option to listen to different voice-on-demand informational messages about your products or services. You can record and change your information at any time.
The Virtual Receptionist is generally used with additional PhoneFusion numbers. You assign specific numbers (from 1-9999) for people to connect to once they enter the system. Callers can be forwarded to another PhoneFusion number, send a fax, or play a pr...
When you sign up your number is active immediately. All you need to do is program the number the way you want!
Yes. With the Virtual Receptionist, PhoneFusion gives you the look and feel of a large PBX telephone system but with no software or equipment cost. The Virtual Receptionist offers you the ability to customize caller options like those big phone systems......