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Knowledgebase: Virtual Receptionist

Can I get a Virtual Receptionist with capacity to receive hundreds of simultaneous calls with hour-long message capacity
Posted by - NA - on 12 December 2007 07:38 AM

PhoneFusion can support hundreds of incoming calls on a single number through our Virtual Receptionist
with a Toll-Free Number ONLY. You can have extended message length for those calling in. Below you will find a breakdown in price:

$24.95 for Virtual Receptionist

$0.049 per minute for incoming toll-free calls only
$0.084 per minute for incoming toll-free calls forwarded to another number (4.5 cents inbound plus 3.5 cents outbound per minute)

Regular Virtual Receptionist messages have a 2-minute capacity. To extend the messages, you can upgrade for additional minutes. Additional message capacity:
$4.95 - 5 minute message
$7.50 - 10 minute message
$14.95 - 30 minute message
$19.95 - 45 minute message
$29.95 - 90 minute message