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Knowledgebase: PhoneFusion One

Is there a per-minute charge to use PhoneFusion
Posted by Jonathan Hollander on 14 March 2005 04:15 AM

Yes and No - It depends. If you have a local telephone number and are making and receiving local calls there are no per minute charges. If you are using PhoneFusion operating primarily on our toll free national network, the cost of the call is free to your caller. The convenience you provide to your callers by giving them a toll free number places the charge for their call with you, at a rate of .085 cents per minute. Outbound Nationwide (local or long distance) calls made by you using our calling card (Dial 9) feature are 3.5 cents per minute. Outbound faxes are also billed at 3.5 cents per mintue. International calls are subject to our current International Rates. To find out the per minute rate for an Interntional number, please visit the Pricing Matrix at www.phonefusionone.com.