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How do I send a caller an Instant message
Posted by - NA - on 14 November 2005 12:02 PM

There are times when you will receive a call that you can't take immediately, but you don't want your caller to immediately go to voicemail. For these calls, you can send your caller a live spoken message that they will immediately hear without your taking the call. For example, if you are in a meeting, you can tell your caller "I'm in a meeting and I'll call you right back; don't go anywhere." After your caller has listened to your message, they will be given the option of leaving you a voicemail message.

To send your caller a short, live spoken message:

1| PRESS 6.
2| Speak your short message.
3| Wait for the system to say "Good Bye" or PRESS # to immediately send your message.
4| Hang up.