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Knowledgebase: PhoneFusion One

Can I automatically call back someone who left me a voicemail message
Posted by - NA - on 14 November 2005 11:44 AM

Yes, you can. To call back the sender of your voicemail message:

1| Dial your PhoneFusion Personal Phone Number.
2| When the system answers, PRESS *.
3| Enter your Phone Pass Code and PRESS #.
4| PRESS 1.
5| PRESS 9 to automatically call back the sender of your voicemail message.

When finished, hang up.

You can also click on MAKE A CALL once you've logged in to http://login.phonefusion.com/ and enter the number of the person you would like to call. PhoneFusion will then call you on the phone of your choice, and then dial the number you have entered.