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Yes. The voice call only uses a small portion of your total bandwidth. Under normal circumstances, most people will never know the difference.
Yes. However, all international calling beyond Canada is automatically blocked on our service. You have to call 1-888-208-7801 and ask that the automatic International blocking be taken off. This is to protect you from any unintentional International call...
Yes. This is one of the great advantages with the PhoneFusion VoIP phone system. As long as you have high speed Internet where you are going, your service should work fine. Take your phone with you on vacation, business trips or anywhere else your life ta...
No. You must have a separate broadband Internet connection via cable, DSL, T-1, etc. This is a value added service to your current Internet service.
Yes. To keep an existing phone number simply contact Customer Service at 1-888-208-7801. Subsequent to initial activation, a non-recurring service charge may apply.
No. Special dialing codes are not needed to use this service.
Yes. PhoneFusion allows you to have your voicemail converted to a .WAV file and sent to any e-mail address you designate.
Yes. Phone numbers can be changed by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-208-7801 or e-mailing us at csupport@phonefusion.com. A non-recurring service charge may apply.
Dialing a PhoneFusion VoIP call is just like any other phone call. For Domestic calls to the U.S., Canada and most of North America, dial 11 digits, i.e., 1 + area code + number. For International calls to destinations outside North America from anywher...
No. A computer does not have to be left on to use the VoIP service. The VoIP hardware connects directly into a broadband Internet connection.
Yes. You will be able to access national (US) directory assistance from PhoneFusion VoIP service.
Yes. In most cases, one can use a computer, surf the Web, make and receive phone calls all at the same time. However, ISP's have different requirements. Please check with your ISP regarding your particular broadband service.
Yes. There is no limit to how many number you can activate on our service.
To contact Customer Service regarding account information or to sign up, please dial 1-888-208-7801 or e-mail support@phonefusion.com.