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Android App availability
Posted by Customer Support on 04 September 2020 07:23 PM

If you have installed PhoneFusion Call Control, please uninstall. That is for a different product.

Open this in the web browser on your device and download the file and then install it from your downloads. You will need to allow install from unknown locations. This is the same app that was in the store and it's perfectly safe.



Google has been sending out scary notifications to users because they aren't in total control of your device that warns you that our app is a security issue when it is not. If you have any questions feel free to contact us which is not something that you can do with Google. You can restrict app permissions any time that you wish.

We have NEVER done anything with any user's data. We don't collect anything other than the data related to your calls which you wanted us to process. It's never been leaked, stolen or sold. Not many other companies can say that. Ask Google what they do with your data.