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Phone does not ring
Posted by Customer Support on 22 May 2018 08:06 PM

Call forwarding is a function of your carrier and is beyond our control.

Your DEVICE and your CARRIER determine if/when it rings. 

If you are having a problem with your device ringing there are several possible reasons/solutions.

You could have a bad signal which you may not notice without forwarding enabled.  Forwarding requires your device to respond quickly before your carrier determines you haven't answered and then they forward the call.

Try rebooting your device and making an outbound call then call your device to see what happens.

If that does not work then try deactivating forwarding via the app, verifying your device rings and then re-activating forwarding and testing again.

If you continue to have issues you will need to work with your carrier because they control your forwarding when you do not answer which is what your carrier is determining in order to forward the call to us.