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No Account Configured warning
Posted by Customer Support on 10 July 2014 12:54 AM

Recently it has come to our attention that one or more Apps that people are installing on their devices are deleting our App's data causing this error message to come up.


Known offenders are "Clean Master" and "CCleaner" which are indiscriminately deleting files from storage that they know nothing about which is causing this issue.  These types of apps are dangerous when they perform these types of actions. 

We recommend that you uninstall the offending app.  If you can not find it (there are more than the 2 listed which include Task Killers) you can uninstall the VM+ app, then reinstall it and it will default to Internal Memory.

You can also go into the VM+ App go into settings and enable "Power User" then check "Use Internal memory" and that should eliminate the issue for our App but could still cause other issues because there are some functions that our App can not perform without using the SD card because of OS restrictions.

After you have done this, add your account back under settings if it is not there and then perform a sync (refresh) if it does not automatically do it for you.