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Knowledgebase: Fusion Voicemail Plus

Voice To Text
Posted by Deena Mason on 14 August 2009 07:17 PM

Please log into your web account http://members.phonefusion.com and click on Manage My Account -> My Rate Plan -> Add/Remove features and provide credit card information since this will be a paying feature. Than choose the Voice to Text package you want to sign up for. Note, when adding a credit card, PhoneFusion MAY put an authorization hold of $2.50 on your card that will automatically expire.

Voice-to-Text [VTT] Voicemail Transcriptions
When you receive a voicemail, PhoneFusion can transcribe the voicemails received. Transcriptions are fully automated so they may contain mistakes. You can retrieve the transcription in 3 ways. Directly from your FVM+ application on the phone - select to read the transcribed message by using the Tap and Hold feature. You will see the option to ‘Read’ the voicemail. You can ask the system to email you the transcribed message to the email address provided online for your voicemail to email settings or by logging into your FVM+ online account.

Several plans are available. Please login and choose the one that is right for you.

Additional VTT Features included in all VTT packages:
After you have enabled Voice-to-Text Transcriptions, you can go online and enable or disable these additional features as wanted.

~Send my Voicemail Messages Immediately
Don't wait for Voice-to-Text processing to complete, I want to receive my Voicemail message notifications immediately. If this is unchecked, the system will wait a period of time for transcription processing to occur before sending any Voicemail notifications.

~ I prefer to receive the TEXT of my messages only, when available
When Voice-To-Text information is available, enable this feature and the system will send the transcribed voicemail message to the email addresses provided in my voicemail-to-email settings. ** Please remember to program an email address online to receive the transcribed message. The full text of the message will be sent in the body of the email. Your original audio Voicemail message will still be available in your Inbox if you should need to listen to it. If you have enabled 'SEND my Voicemail Message Immediately', you will get 2 email notifications [one with the transcribed message and another email with a copy of the voicemail message received].