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Knowledgebase: Fusion Voicemail Plus

My Phone doesn't ring
Posted by Raymond Penn on 24 February 2014 10:48 PM

Your Carrier and device determine IF, WHEN, and HOW LONG your phone rings. 

If your phone is not ringing then that means that your carrier can not communicate with it even if other things are working ( like data or calls out).


Power your phone off, then back on, then make a call out from your phone which will re-register your phone with your Carrier's network.


If you still ahve problems you may have activated unconditional call forwarding or your carrier may not support conditional call forwarding in which case you will need to deactivate call forwarding by contacting your carrier to determine what they support and what the codes are to activate it.


You need to forward ONLY your missed, busy and no-anwser calls to 813-200-0200.  DO NOT forward all of your calls or your phone will not ring.