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If my mailbox fills up, will you start deleting messages or do I need to do it myself
Posted by - NA - on 22 October 2009 09:44 PM

We do not automatically clean up messages for you. You must manage your messages yourself. If your mailbox is full; the new messages received will NOT be saved. The application will show a message received but when you try to retrieve it; the message will show up as ’Unable to download. No message on server’. If you reach your limit (50mb), you need to manually delete your messages to make room for new ones. You can log online at https://members.phonefusion.com to delete your messages.

When you log online, use this feature = Mailbox Alert. Program an email address where the system sends you an email reminder that your FVM+ mailbox has reached a certain % of storage.


** Note that dormant accounts will have messages deleted and or be canceled **