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I forgot the password to get into the Application
Posted by Deena Mason on 01 July 2009 07:05 PM

FVM+ Application Password
Set on the device itself. When you set it, it's locking the application so that it's protected. If you don't want to use it then clear it after you enter it by going to settings. This is set by you the user; we do not have access to this password.

You can connect your phone to yiour PC or
Do you have a file manager on your phone that you are comfortable using?
If not; for a file manager, go to the market and select Applications -> tools and look for Astro File Manager.

We need you to run the file manager you downloaded and select: SD Card -> Data -> com.phonefusion.voicemailplus.android -> files.

If the files are in the data folder:
>> use the file manager that you downloaded to RENAME the /Data folder directory on the card to Data1
>> Then reboot the phone then leave yourself a voicemail message from a landline phone. See if that works.